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Pay your coffee with IOTA

2019-12-08 hardware software dgey

You want to pay your coffee anonymously and without registration? Try out to pay with your IOTA wallet.

How it works First of all you’ll need a wallet for IOTA. A good wallet is the Trinity-App, which is build by the IOTA Foundation. The next step is to buy some IOTA. There are several trading places for crypto currencies but we’d like to recommend Bitpanda.

Once you’ve got some IOTA, you’ll be able to pay your coffee with your wallet. Choose a product on the coffeemaker and wait until the QR-code is shown on the display. Scan the QR-code and start the transaction in your wallet app. Once the transaction is confirmed the coffeemaker starts brewing your coffee. Depending on the transaction throughput in the IOTA tangle, this may take a while.

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