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Coffeemaker@Javaland 2019

Hey Guys,

today we’ll show you a short video from the Javaland-Conference where we presented the latest version of our IoT-Sharepresso Coffeemaker solution.

The video shows how to use a chatbot to order a free coffeecard. The card is dispensed by a carddispenser build out of Lego-bricks and acrylic glass. The carddispenser is driven by two cheap motors, a servo, a Arduino motor shield and an Arduino Uno. Before the card is handed out to the customer the ID of the NFC-chip is read and the card is registered in the AWS cloud.

The carddispenser is powered by a Raspberry Pi with a NodeRed installation, which implements two simple flows.
The first flow is called by the ChatBot to trigger the dispension of a coffeecard.

The second flow gets triggered when the connected NFC-Reader (PN532) detects a new card. The card then gets registered in a AWS DynamoDB by sending a MQTT-message to the AWS IoT-Core broker.

Stay tuned for more details on the carddispenser and the Javaland-Edition of the IoT-Sharepresso firmware.

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