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Payment-System Firmware

2018-02-08 software arduino iot dgey


is an IoT-Arduino-based NFC payment system for coffeemakers with toptronic logic unit, as Jura Impressa S95 and others without modifying the coffeemaker itself. We currently use it with a Jura Giga X8 professional.

The project is based on Oliver Krohns famous Coffeemaker-Payment-System and the original Sharespresso project from the german c’t magazine which is also available on github.

The main difference to both of the original projects is that the coffeemaker payment system is based on a IoT-device instead of a normal Arduino-Microcontroller. The fact that it is connected to the internet via ESP8266 WiFi chipset opens up manifold new opportunities. The device is administrated with a Ionic-App via MQTT. It is capable to receive firmware updates over-the-air, which makes it much easier to enhance and bugfix the software.

Another great feature is the opportunity to support multiple payment methods. Oliver and the guys from c’t use prepayment where the credit is stored in the EEPROM of the microcontroller. This credit based payment procedure is still supported but it’s not our favorite billing method. We prefer to send a MQTT-message to AWS-IoT-Core everytime a customer gets an coffee. This enables us to support many different payment methods.

We also expended much effort to modularize the sketch which makes it much easier to develop together and substitute some of the hardware parts. Our goal is to make modules for each part of the system and support some alternative hardware setups.

The complete firmeware is hosted at Github.

The next blog entry will show you, how to administrate the payment system with our Ionic-App.

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